Michelle + John // Hope Glen Farm Wedding

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. -Maya Angelou

The second I came up that long driveway onto Hope Glen Farm, I knew the day was going to be something of utter magic. When you step foot on the property, you are taken away by enchantment. And I love pretty. But there is something in that space that is more than pretty, but instead creates a sacred atmosphere to create promises for forever. 

Then there is Michelle + John. Its not stunning flowers, gorgeous centerpieces, or even timeless images that make a wedding. As much as I marvel at these things- the people are what take center stage. Two hearts that gather with the people who made them as amazing as they are to celebrate + vow to love regardless of whatever comes their way.  A love that recognizes no barriers. And will jump hurdles, leap fences, and penetrate walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. 

Michelle + John beamed of hope all day long. Of a story greater than theirs. Of the love of a Father who taught them what sacrificial love looked like when He laid down His own life for theirs. It was breathtaking. 

Though they did traditional vows during the ceremony, beforehand they met at the "kissing tree" for their first look at each other and to read their letters of promises over their futures. These vows were intentional, intimate, sweet, and moving. I loved getting to be a fly on the wall for these sacred moments, and capture some images that they can look back on. Images that will bring them right back to that bright day in the Minnesota sun, when they said, "Good, hard, or ugly. I'm not going anywhere."

This is just the beginning--- the launching pad for a lifetime to come. It was the most incredible starting point, with beauty blooming at every corner. But something tells me that the story to come is chalked full with even more adventure, joy, and wonder. I will be cheering your marriage on every step of the way! 

With heart,


Talented team of Vendors: 

Venue (Ceremony + Reception) : Hope Glen Farm, Cottage Grove MN

Florals + Day of Coordinating: Studio B Floral Designs

Bridal Shoes: Tieks

Wedding Dress: Che Bella, Minneapolis

Cookies: Homemade by family 


Nicole + Jordan // Bluefin Bay North Shore Wedding

I'm still trying to wrap words around Sunday. Nicole and I had ever only met on Skype, as the North Shore was a destination wedding from her home in the South! I remember laughing on Skype with her + dreaming about her day like we were old friends. If you met Nicole, you would feel the same way. She is relaxed, stunning, and waves of joy ripple from her laughter. There is no wonder why Jordan fell madly in love with her. Their love bloomed over love letters from afar after they met while Jordan was attending West Point. Their love is one for storybooks- one of bravery, tenderness, and pen and paper. 

During their first look, I was breathless. The way He looked at Her, the way she wrapped in His arms as if she were home-- -completely safe + loved. They were so natural to photograph + Nicole laughed and said, " Yea, He really just likes to kiss me- He forgets you're taking photos." Besides their breathtaking love- every detail of the day was stunning and well thought out. Northland Special Events of Duluth did a remarkable job making sure there was beauty around every corner. They ran the day seamlessly + paired with Bluefin Bay- they were the ultimate dream team. 

I could go on for days about this day---- but I'll let the sneak peak of the images speak for themselves! 

With heart,


Amazing team of vendors: 

Venue: Bluefin Bay + Surfside Village

Event design + coordination: Northland Special Events

Florals: Northland Special Events 

Wedding Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

DJ: Pro Light + Sound

Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth, Minneapolis Mn

Dessert: Bettys Pies

Videographer: Alex , Minneapolis Mn

Hannah + Dan // Minneapolis Engagement

Im lost at where to begin with these two. There are too many amazing things I could say about them + our time together. I'll try to not write a full out novel---- key word: try. I connected with these love birds through a good friend of mine, Maggie. Anyone who knows Mags, knows that she attracts straight up amazing people. When Hannah reached out to me I couldn't wait to grab coffee. We sat at Spyhouse while it down poured one Sunday morning in April + I loved her even more when she said," Heres the deal. I was against the whole engagement photo thing. I don't do cheesy. Dan really wants them though, so I'm thinking maybe we could do things we normally love together. Coffee + beer. You game for that?" 

It couldn't have set the stage for a more natural + fun session. We trotted around the North loop + drank seriously good local coffee (Empire Coffee, you are a gem) + delicious craft beer (Bauhaus brew lab--- the best). We ran through the rain, laughed our wet butts off, and ended by eating greasy food truck dinner in the rain. It was all things lovely. My favorite part of the afternoon was sitting on those soaking benches, hearing their story + realizing it felt more like I was sitting with friends than clients. Hannah + Dan- I am keeping you two forever. Next September, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to you. Mostly so I can hug these two again + capture the natural all encompassing love of these friends of mine.


A GIANT THANK YOU to Empire Coffee + Bauhaus Brew Lab both of Minneapolis for allowing us to capture Dan + Hannah at two places they adore. Please check them out + support these amazing Minnesota businesses! 




Sarah + Nick // Duluth, Mn Wedding Photography

I met Sarah when she transferred to Congdon Park Elementary after moving from Colorado to the beautiful state of Minnesota. I got to grow up with her + she has always been such a beauty inside + out. When I met Sarah + Nick over coffee on a cold November day, I immediately fell in love with them as a couple. It was obvious that He adored her + was counting down the days til He made her His wife. 

We spent a gorgeous + warmer than normal night in January running around Hartley park chasing the golden light--- and I got to see them interact more as a couple. Their love is natural + silly + puts a smile on your face watching them have fun together. I loved every minute being behind the lens getting a peak into their story. 

April came and so did the day when they would promise their forevers. The anticipation of their first look took my breath away---- the butterflies seemed to wash away and be taken over by a giddiness to be so close to the moment they would become husband and wife. The way Nick looks at Sarah is something out a storybook---- wide eyed and gleaming. A smirk as if He's thinking, "How did I get so lucky?" Only to see Sarah feeling the exact same way. 

I have no doubt that these two will thrive doing life together as husband and wife. Laughter, determination, a sweet dose of romance will be a few of the things that carry them--- along with the absolutely amazing community they have rallying around them. Each person in the room that April day was cheering them on. You could tell how vital their friendships + family are to their story---- a strong beautiful pillar. 

Nick + Sarah, I've told you a million times but THANK YOU for letting me be alongside you to capture the official kick off of this crazy beautiful love story. I know this is only the start of something incredible. I cant wait to cheer you guys on for years to come! All my love, Anna xo


Dress: Davids Bridal

Flowers: Saffron + Grey : Duluth, Mn

Mens Attire: Mens Warehouse

Ceremony: St. Lawrence Church : Duluth, Mn

Reception: AAD Shrine: Duluth, Mn

Seth + Sophie // Duluth, Mn Winter Wedding

I kept pinching myself the whole day of Seth + Sophies wedding. To be known by these two or their families is to be loved by them + to love them right back. I grew up babysitting Seth + his 4 siblings. Their family became part of my own + their is a huge place in my heart for the Hovland clan. Sophie + her family also hold a dear place in my heart. We spent many many sunny days jumping on their trampoline or off the end of her dock. Not to mention that their mother + daughter annual tea party was the talk of our childhood summers. 

On December 27th, 2015 the room filled with hundreds of people excited to celebrate these two. To cheer on love. And ready to promise to fight for their marriage for years to come. No detail or heart was left untouched that day. 

One of my favorite moments took place in the quiet of the back room where Sophie got ready. Her bridesmaids + best friends gathered to pray for her. The presence of God was thick + the power of their prayers stuck with me. Friendships that come alongside you + push you towards Jesus are simply breathtaking. That theme rang through the day- a love so deep it caused you to pause. To breathe it in deep. To dance in celebration. 

Seth + Sophie, it was the dearest honor to capture your day. But the true honor will be in watching you grow old together. Chasing the dreams God has planted in your hearts. I will forever be a cheerleader for your marriage. I love you guys! 

Shot in Collaboration with: Through Laura's Lens

Church: Glenavon Presbyterian in Duluth, Mn

Venue: Depot Train Museum + Great Hall

Dress: Davids Bridal

Hair: 2DYE4 Salon

Food + Beverages: Bellisios Catering

Oh November

It's been a month full of seeing beauty. Resting in it. Just allowing myself to be in the midst of it without producing. A month of no blog posts, photo captions, or getting any sort of identity from the amount of likes or thumbs up on my photos. The word free only begins to describe what November was for me. Naps in the middle of the day with my kids. Pressing snooze. Watching as many sunsets as I could bundle my kids for. 2 of the best books on tape. Even a lazy November Sunday picnic on the beach after church--- we stayed until the sun went down. Yes, you heard me right- a picnic on the beaches of Lake Superior in November- it was rare + heavenly. 

I felt my eyes move their focus slowly but surely- from what the world thinks of me, to what my Father does. As I watched every sunset, I would read Romans 12 out loud .... "Fix your attention on God + He will change you from the inside out." Its what I needed. Its what I will forever need. A heart alignment. An adjustment. A changing of compass. Back to North. Back to my savior. 

I'm excited to begin "producing" again. Writing. Telling stories. Be it in words or photos. But my worth isn't in the production. Its in being loved. And loving. 

This month at church they introduced a new song for worship, and the words became a banner over my heart + over my life.

"Your a good good Father. Its who you are. + I'm loved by you. Its who I am." 


Maybe an odd way to kick off a place where I create + produce for a living. But if it doesn't start here- it comes up short of authentic, counterfeit to who I am + what I was made for. 

Oh November, you were life giving + oh so beautiful. Thank you Jesus.