Sarah + Nick // Duluth, Mn Wedding Photography

I met Sarah when she transferred to Congdon Park Elementary after moving from Colorado to the beautiful state of Minnesota. I got to grow up with her + she has always been such a beauty inside + out. When I met Sarah + Nick over coffee on a cold November day, I immediately fell in love with them as a couple. It was obvious that He adored her + was counting down the days til He made her His wife. 

We spent a gorgeous + warmer than normal night in January running around Hartley park chasing the golden light--- and I got to see them interact more as a couple. Their love is natural + silly + puts a smile on your face watching them have fun together. I loved every minute being behind the lens getting a peak into their story. 

April came and so did the day when they would promise their forevers. The anticipation of their first look took my breath away---- the butterflies seemed to wash away and be taken over by a giddiness to be so close to the moment they would become husband and wife. The way Nick looks at Sarah is something out a storybook---- wide eyed and gleaming. A smirk as if He's thinking, "How did I get so lucky?" Only to see Sarah feeling the exact same way. 

I have no doubt that these two will thrive doing life together as husband and wife. Laughter, determination, a sweet dose of romance will be a few of the things that carry them--- along with the absolutely amazing community they have rallying around them. Each person in the room that April day was cheering them on. You could tell how vital their friendships + family are to their story---- a strong beautiful pillar. 

Nick + Sarah, I've told you a million times but THANK YOU for letting me be alongside you to capture the official kick off of this crazy beautiful love story. I know this is only the start of something incredible. I cant wait to cheer you guys on for years to come! All my love, Anna xo


Dress: Davids Bridal

Flowers: Saffron + Grey : Duluth, Mn

Mens Attire: Mens Warehouse

Ceremony: St. Lawrence Church : Duluth, Mn

Reception: AAD Shrine: Duluth, Mn