Hannah + Dan // Minneapolis Engagement

Im lost at where to begin with these two. There are too many amazing things I could say about them + our time together. I'll try to not write a full out novel---- key word: try. I connected with these love birds through a good friend of mine, Maggie. Anyone who knows Mags, knows that she attracts straight up amazing people. When Hannah reached out to me I couldn't wait to grab coffee. We sat at Spyhouse while it down poured one Sunday morning in April + I loved her even more when she said," Heres the deal. I was against the whole engagement photo thing. I don't do cheesy. Dan really wants them though, so I'm thinking maybe we could do things we normally love together. Coffee + beer. You game for that?" 

It couldn't have set the stage for a more natural + fun session. We trotted around the North loop + drank seriously good local coffee (Empire Coffee, you are a gem) + delicious craft beer (Bauhaus brew lab--- the best). We ran through the rain, laughed our wet butts off, and ended by eating greasy food truck dinner in the rain. It was all things lovely. My favorite part of the afternoon was sitting on those soaking benches, hearing their story + realizing it felt more like I was sitting with friends than clients. Hannah + Dan- I am keeping you two forever. Next September, you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to you. Mostly so I can hug these two again + capture the natural all encompassing love of these friends of mine.


A GIANT THANK YOU to Empire Coffee + Bauhaus Brew Lab both of Minneapolis for allowing us to capture Dan + Hannah at two places they adore. Please check them out + support these amazing Minnesota businesses!