My favorite wedding stories

I've shot over a 100 wedding days. And still moments from each day stick out in my memory. Its all about the people for me. Yes, the decor has made my jaw hit the floor. Yes, the dresses make me swoon. And I have a special place in my heart for florals. But its always and forever the people that stick out. Its the Dad who got in a car accident and wasn't supposed to be here, with tears streaming down his cheeks when he sees his baby girl in her dress. Its the groom who I overhear whisper, "I've waited my whole life for this," to his bride. Its the mom who stands in the corner and I catch years and years reeling through her mind as she watches her daughter step into her dress. Its the maid of honors speech which makes us both laugh uncontrollably and weep as equally uncontrollable. Its the bride whose smile cannot be wiped off her face, joy tangible. Its the bridesmaids praying over the bride before the ceremony, and witnessing years of friendship being celebrated in this holy moment. Its the mother of the groom whispering to her son how proud she is as they dance. Its the people. Its always the people.

You have a story. A story so unique to you. Yes, I photograph many couples. But I ADORE every day I go to work because I get to hear, meet, experience, and tell the story of you. No story is the same. Each story so wildly beautiful and its own.

So my biggest advice? Plan. Make it beautiful. Create your dream. But most importantly, make room for the people. Don't get so stressed that you miss the beauty and miracles that are unfolding around you. Soak in the ones you love and savor the time of celebration with them. They will likely be what forever you hold dear from your day.